Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to use GateSIM...

When will my order ship?

Orders received before 12:00 (noon) are shipped same day. Orders received after 12:00 (noon) are shipped next working day. See Delivery & Returns for delivery options.

Where do you deliver to?

See Delivery & Returns for delivery locations options.

How do I get the mobile number for my GateSIM?

We'll send you an email with your mobile number when you activate your GateSIM. The email will be sent to the same email address used to subscribe to GateSIM. The email should arrive within a couple of minutes after activating your SIM.

I didn't receive my mobile number or activation email.

The email should arrive almost immediately after activation. Check your spam folder. If it's not in your inbox or spam folder, please contact support for assistance.

Where do I find my SIM card number for activation?

The SIM card number is 19 digits and can be found printed on the SIM card itself (both the card holder and the pop-out SIM itself). The number begins with 89353 or 8944 and should be entered without any spaces.

How long does it take to activate my GateSIM?

The activation process normally takes less than 1 minute but can occasionally take up to 15 minutes. If your GateSIM is not reachable after 15 minutes, please contact support.

It's been more than 15 minutes but I can't call my GateSIM.

If you haven't already done so, power off your gate and then power it back on again. This will force your GateSIM to register on the network.

Getting error "the number you have dialled cannot accept this call ..." when calling your GateSIM phone number.

Your GateSIM card is not connected to the network. Power off your GSM gate system for 10 seconds; then power it back on. Most systems take 1 to 2 minutes to fully boot up after powering on. Once this is complete, try calling your gate number again. If you are still getting the same message, please contact support for assistance.

I'm not receiving text messages back from my gate.

Text messages are included for configuration purposes only and should not be used for alerting (e.g. every time a gate opens/closes). If you are not receiving a configuration message, please ensure you have saved your number including full country code.

Why does my GateSIM have an 088 prefix and 12 digits? Will I be charged for calling 088...?

From April 2020, Irish GateSIM customers will receive an 088 prefix number. This number is slightly longer than a traditional Irish mobile number, however it operates exactly the same way. No special permissions are required to dial 088 and calls are treated as they would be for any nornal 085/086/087/etc. mobile call. Other services such as SMS also work the same.

Can I get a notification when my gate opens / closes?

SMS (text messages) are included for configuation purposes. GateSIM is not suitable for on-going notifications (e.g. text notification each time a gate opens or closes). Please ensure your gate is not configured to send notification text messages.

Can I install or swap out the SIM myself?

Automatic gates are AC mains-powered equipment. Installation and maintenance - including installation, or change, of SIM card - should only be carried out by qualified personnel and power to the gate must be cut off while works are taking place. If you are not qualified to work with electricity, do not attempt to change or install the SIM yourself; contact a qualified electrician or gate installer.

My GateSIM has no coverage in my gate.

Contact support within 14 days of activation and we'll refund your subscription.

How do I cancel my GateSIM subscription?

Go to and click on "Manage". Login using your subscription email address. You will have an option to cancel your subscription.

What is your returns policy?

We offer a 14-day no quibble returns policy. See Delivery & Returns for further details.

How do I update my card details?

Go to and click on "Manage". Login using your subscription email address. You will have an option to update your card details.

How do I topup my GateSIM?

There's no need to topup - your GateSIM subscription automatically renews using the credit or debit card you registered with.

My GateSIM stopped working.

Go to and click on "Manage". Login using your subscription email address. Check that your payment method is still valid. We send reminders to update card information where it may be about to expire. If there's no issue with your payment method, please contact support for further assistance.

How do I restrict or control who can open my gate?

Automatic GSM gates can be programmed to open for all numbers dialing your GateSIM or only for selected, or 'whitelisted' numbers. This is configured via SMS to your gate module. Contact your gate installer for information on how to program or change this setting on your gate.

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